Medical aesthetics in Canada

Medical aesthetics

Medical aesthetics is a set of techniques designed to improve a person’s physical appearance and to decrease and delay the effects of aging. The therapist takes care of the client as a whole.

Cryolipolysis slimming machine

Cryolipolysis is an aesthetic treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle is based on a controlled cold temperature of 0 to – 11 °C. All appliances are calibrated so as not to go below – 10 degrees Celsius, because too low a temperature can damage other cells.

Radio Frequency

Similar to a natural facelift, this cosmetic care technique is applied in the field of anti-aging treatments but also in the field of slimming treatments. Used for more than ten years by aesthetic professionals as well as medical professionals, RF presents itself as a real alternative to cosmetic surgery, both for its action on cellulite and for its effectiveness in wrinkle reduction.


Infrared RF Vacuum roller slimming machine 

What is the Colombian facelift? The Colombian facelift also called "vacuotherapy" or Colombian buttock lift is a completely painless non-invasive treatment which treats what treats the appearance of orange peel that cellulite gives to the skin.

Skin Rolling

The skin rolling is a mechanical massage technique proposed in the management of cellulite up to the muscular layer in large therapeutics. The technique involves pinching a fold of skin and rolling it between the rollers. Drinking heavily as a result of these massages would help to eliminate toxins and remove dislodged fats.